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Go the Distance: The British Paratrooper Fitness Guide Sam McGrath

Go the Distance: The British Paratrooper Fitness Guide

Sam McGrath

Published December 28th 2010
ISBN : 9781849084505
192 pages
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 About the Book 

The Paras are Britains elite strike force. Wearing their distinctive red beret, these toughened soldiers have the kind of winning attitude that is acquired only by hard physical training. As company commander, and the youngest ever major in the British Army since World War II, McGrath oversaw the rigorous selection program for any army personnel who wished to join this elite regiment. The selection course includes a 10 mile route march carrying a 35 pound backpack plus water and a weapon over rocky terrain, an aerial confidence course, and a team event where an 8-person team carry a 135 pound log for a 2 mile sprint race.In his new book, McGrath has redesigned the explosive fitness techniques of the Paras so that they can be used at home or at the gym. In Phase One, The Spartan, a ten week no frills circuits program, all you will need is a pair of sneakers--and lots of gumption. Phase Two, The Emperor, incorporates weight training, core stability exercises and cardio equipment. Self-tests at the end of each phase let you know if youre fit enough to be a Para.McGraths diet plan together with his weight training, mental attunement, and cardio programs offer an intermediate to advanced fitness program that will give you Para confidence and the ability to tackle McGraths Five Para Challenges, including a 10-mile run carrying a 35 lb backpack, a 16-mile hike carrying a 45 lb backpack in under 4 hours, and an assault course through icy waters and hilly, muddy terrain.From Harvey Walden to Mark de Lisle, military trainers are at the cutting edge of todays fitness revolution and Sam McGrath is set to take the world by storm.