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Truth to Life Daniel Leigh

Truth to Life

Daniel Leigh

Published August 17th 2010
ISBN : 9781609574116
344 pages
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 About the Book 

2000 years ago, Pilate asked Jesus, What is Truth? (John 18:38) Generations have come and gone, yet still today the question remains unanswered for billions of people. Truth has been maligned- while the illusion has dealt widespread destruction. Truth to Life leads the reader on a journey to prove for themselves Truth is more than a concept and Christian Life is more than an ideology. Neither concept nor ideology can grant new-birth, sanctify, redeem, restore, transform, endow an inheritance, nor bring about bodily resurrection. The Word of God in written form dispenses truth, divine counsel, great encouragement, hope and assurance. Yet it is the Gospel in living form-Jesus Christ, the Son of God-who alone possesses the power to transform an individuals life. Join those who have discovered Truth for themselves-and found Life. Thoughtful, intelligent, savvy and theologically sound....Those who read [this] book will be able to step out of spiritual mediocrity into the excellence of the Way, the Truth and the Life....I highly recommend [Truth to Life] to all who are searching for the truth that lies beyond their intellectual studies. -Pastor Daniel C. Rhodes, MDiv Daniel Leigh is a pseudonym, a pen name. Though the name is fiction, the words written within are true- including the personal accounts. The preeminent purpose behind Daniel Leigh Books is to move the reader into a greater understanding of God, His ways, and His plans-thereby ushering in an increasing intimacy in their relationship with Him. Daniel Leigh is a cooperative effort of like-minded individuals who have set their heart to study, to practice and to teach Gods word. Our desire is not for the limelight, but to witness the fullness of Life made manifest in each person who chooses to abide in the Word of Truth.